Hello world!

Hello  !  My name is Giovanni ( john ) Maione. My new website is lartedecucina.com. Were not quite live yet but will be within the next couple of weeks. Well, ill tell you a little bit about myself and my site. Were an e-commerce site that will be offering delicious Italian products shipped right to your door ! Anything from hand pressed Sicilian Olive Oil to the finest cut of specialty cured meats, fine mushrooms and our hand made sauces. Thats just for starters ! There will be a wide selection of fantastic top quality European products that will be sure to dazzle you. I learned my art from my wonderful Mother. She taught me the beauty and passion of the Italian cooking and country side. We would spend hours together making hand-made pasta – ” gnocchi ”      and ” Pasta fagoli ” ” Veal Osso Buco with Broccoli Rabe ” and countless other wonderful Neapolitan dishes.  Ahhh what  beautiful memories. my passion and love of the kitchen it truly is a blessing. In an Italian sense the art of the kitchen is a true joy and love. After working for many years in different kitchens around the world I settled into the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston and spent five years working under Executive Chef Jamie Mammano. From there back in late 1997 I went onto a joint venture and opened La Campania restaurant with my father and brother. I spent the good part of 12 years there as the executive Chef / Owner. On this new concept “Larte De Cucina ” You will be able to order the great products that I used and made, that contributed to so many great meals at the Four Seasons and foremost La Campania.  Till next time Ciao ! and hope to hear from you soon ! Grazie, Giovanni ( John ) Maione.


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